Fat Girl Slim Week 2 Update

Another week has gone by and its that scary stand on the scales time again.

I would like to point out that my scales are currently running out of battery (they're digital) so I'm not overly sure how accurate they are just now.

The week started well.

I did the 30 day shred (aka being curled up in the foetal position gasping for breath)

For a few days.

I couldn't move after a few days in, my thighs wouldn't co-operate with the command to move my legs in a walking motion.

So i switched to a bit of yoga (Penny Smith Power Yoga) to try and stretch out a bit.

The warm up almost killed me. I used to do the entirety of this DVD everyday (i was bendy like Geri) so this was really disappointed in this.

I'll confess, i ate A LOT of cake and pizza at the end of the week (while sat on the couch with a hot water bottle). But as a woman, I'm sure you'll understand, sometimes we NEED this.

Despite this the scales were kind and I stayed the same as last week.

So I'm still 2 pounds down 22 to go!

The next couple of weeks are going to be quite stressful for me. I started my new job today and I'm now be getting a bus to work rather than walking so I'm not overly hopeful on the weight loss front.

Lunch is about to get a whole lot healthier!

But i do have better options for things to have for lunch and I'll be powering up my My Fitness Pal App again so hopefully I'll work it out.

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