Payday Haul!

Here i am! Not lost at all...I'm just in from my little payday splurge and i thought I'd share the spoils with you all.

I didn't really mean to buy as much as this but I've been working extra hard lately so i deserved a wee treat.

I'll break it down. If you'd like to see and reviews on this stuff let me know :-)

Internationale had 3for2 on beauty UK so i got 
L-R : Girl gone wild, Sage green, Coral Shimmer
And i picked up the Miracle Cure in Boots as my nails are really dying right now :-(

What can i say about this other than my hair needs done. 
Never tried this before but it came in a big box so it must be good. (yes i know I'm weird!)

I'm having a bit of a food smells thing at the moment. The Burts Bees hand cream smells like foam bananas, Score! and the Jergens smells like Cherry Bakewells, double Score!. And i cant walk into one of those American Candy places without buying Cupcake Bites. Twizzlers are great to use as straws for water and i needed new mints for my bag and i like Altoids.

I got the Real Techniques Expert Face brush on recommendation from the #bbloggers chat. 
I picked up a bottle of PhotoReady as I really like it so i was curious to try it with the brush.
And i wanted new perfume. Cant afford my Victor and Rolf Flower bomb. 
Handily this one from Zara smells exactly the same, Happy Days!

The last 2 were complete spur of the moment grabs. The bat jumper spoke to me from the Internationale window and it was only a tenner, then when i was inside everything was buy one get one half price so i picked up the cute bag. 

So that's my payday haul. 
I would like to point out that i don't shop like this all the time, I'm not rolling in the pennies. But i do work hard for the money i get.

Hmmmm.... I'm going of on a tangent there, leave a comment below if you'd like a review on anything and make sure you subscribe to be updated when it goes up.

Right, I'm off for my dinner,x


  1. Ooh that jumper's almost an exact dupe of the Topshop 1, and I would guess it's a snip of the price too lol! May have to pick one up myself :D

    Christina xo

    1. I thought i'd seen something similar somewhere! Because i got the bag with it in the buy one get one half price thing it was only £5. Total bargain :-)

    2. Niiiice! After seeing your jumper I ended up getting a black jumper that says POW across it, can't wait to wear it :)along with other things from Primark lol.

      I also bought 2 Sleek palettes, a Kate Moss lippie, new mascara and eyeliner, hair dye for halloween, and the pink champers vaseline. Yep. Didn't splurge AT all... *oops*

      Christina xo

    3. I was in Primark today looking at that very jumper! Im also quite tempted by their Christmas jumpers. I think i may be becoming a jumper-aholic.

  2. A great haul love the bat jumper and cute handbag :)


  3. I have been wanting to try the Real Techniques brushes. Please let me know how this one works for you!

    Following <3

    1. I used it today and really liked it. I will do a post soon,x

  4. oo I love the bat jumper, perfect for halloween :) Id love to see how the olia comes out, that's the exact colour I dye my hair :) xoxo

    1. No problem, i'll be using this later this week,x