25 Things You Probably Don't Know About Me

I saw this TAG doing the round on You Tube and thought, as I'm quite new, that it would be a fun way to get to know each other.

Basically its a list of little known things about you (kind of what it says!)

So here's mine.....

1. I used to play in a Brass Band at championship level
2. I once got drunk on a night out, decided I wanted to go to New York, stumbled home, booked tickets and went.*
3. I've trekked across a desert
4. I'm a bit scared of potatoes
5. Tic Tacs make me feel sick, even just the smell of them Ewwwww!!!
6. I don't like Chocolate cake
7. I know how to windsurf
8. I make incredible Spag Bol (really it is incredible)
9. I don't like wet plates, cutlery or glasses (doing washing up is a challenge for me)
10. I love Poirot
11. I have a pierced tongue
12. When i was a kid i had a boat
13. I have a goldfish called Cup (Cake died)
14. I'm obsessed with self help books. Not that i need help, they are just interesting!
15. I have a scar on my bottom lip
16. I've watched all of Star Trek: Voyager
17. I LOVE  peeling the plastic off of new electrical devices
18. I have a talent for putting together flat pack furniture
19. When i was 18 i was a goth
20. I sometimes have Pink hair*
21. My iPod is a curious place of metal, rock, punk and Britney Spears...
22. I went to St. Andrews at the same time as William and Kate
23. All  my significant boyfriends names have started with the letter R
24. I've named my car Trev (but I don't actually have a car)
25. I love aeroplane food.

So that's mine.

I tag everyone that's read this far to do this and make sure you leave a comment below if you do so i can have a snoop ;-)

*Pictures to illustrate the fun facts!!


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