Boo!!! and Spooktacular Tag

Happy Halloween!!

This is what adorned my  nails today, the Red is Ruby Pumps from China Glaze (you know winter is here when you break out that one!) the white is White on White also from China Glaze and the little ghosty is a water decal from ebay.

I was tagged by the lovely Clare over at  to do th Spooktacular TAG that's kicking about right now.

And i do love a good TAG :-)

as without further ado I'll crack on:

1. Do you still Trick or Treat?

Not in the traditional sense but in a more grownup sense I'd have to say it depends on the company ;-)

2. Do you like going to haunted attractions?

Yes but preferably with a cute guy to keep me safe.

3. Favorite Halloween Candy?

Popping Candy, we had some at work today it was immense!!

4. Favorite Halloween Movie?

The more I thought about this the more i realised i freaking love Ghostbusters :-)

5. Favorite Scary Movie?

I'm a complete scaredy cat when it comes to these things, but i did quite like the scream films, do they count as scary movies?

6. Favorite costume you ever wore as a child?

Nothing particularly sticks in my mind. I think i must've loved being a witch because the majority of my Halloween memories seem to be when i was dressed like that. 

7. First costume you can remember wearing?

Probably again the witch, I had the coolest hat.

8. Favorite Fall Food and Beverage?

Definitely a nice cup of spiced tea and a gingerbread man

9. Do you have a festive background on your phone?

I did but then my phone got wiped so not right now :-(

10. Do you have a festive background on your phone?

You can see what my outfit was HERE

11. What would Pinecone be?

I have a goldfish called Cup. He doesn't dress up.

12. What candy do you have left in your stash after you eat everything else?

Anything green and gummy, ewww!

13. Do you decorate your house?

I do a pumpkin, normally. This year i do actually have a pumpkin, but it didn't get round to carving it :-(

14. Pumpkin Patches, Corn Mazes, or Hayrides?

Here in Scotland we don't really have these things but I'd defiantly give a haunted hayride a go!

15. Going to a Corn Maze, what do you wear?

Bikini and flip flops? 
I don't quite get this question, its cold outside,  wouldn't everyone wrap up warm and put your coat on?

And that is the end of Blogtober!

Can't quite believe I've finished it, and that I've found something to talk about every day!

I'm not sure I'll blog every day in November, but i can think of quite a lot of things i want to blog about already. 

Due to a huge rash on my face (Good thing its Halloween!) my review on the Real Techniques Brush i bought is slightly delayed but as soon as i stop scaring small children I'll be right on it.

And the Olia hair colour review should be up by Sunday. 

So make sure you subscribe for them.

I hope you had a very Happy Halloween, if you've done the Spooktacular tag be sure to comment below!

(No i don't know whats going on with my font here. I think blogger is freaking out or something!)

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