Fat Girl Slim Week 3 Update

So this week has been traumatic. There's no getting round the stress that's happening right now.

I'm just off another 12 hour shift at work. But at least tomorrow I'll get to shine there (loooooong story)

So on with the update, the last thing i though about this week was healthy eating. Between work and the none work stuff I've just been stuffing things in as and when i remember. You'd think that would help with weight loss but instead when i have eaten its been bags of marshmallows and Big Macs.

At least the scales say I've stayed the same.....

Should really probably buy new batteries for it though......

But with things looking on the up at both the work and personal fronts, and the fact i have a huge event to attend at the end of next month (and a dress for it that wont do up) I'm determined to achieve my goals on this.

Oooooo Cocktails......

P.S Don't ever eat cheese on toast then immediately attempt the 30 day shred. It does not end well.

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