Nivea in shower skin conditioner (1st impression)

I'm blogging from my phone tonight so I hope this is going to work out ok!

Summer seems to have finally arrived in Glasgow and I'm hoping it'll stick around long enough for my day off tomorrow (*crosses all fingers and toes!*)

The only thing that bothers me about sunshine is that the excitement of digging out cute summer dresses turns to slight dispair at the thought of baring so much flesh to the outside world....

This year I've tried to be prepared by meticulously exfoliating and moisturizing and for the most part it's gone well. But standing around waiting for your moisturiser to sink in is dull to say the least!

Enter the new offering from Nivea......

The concept of moisturizing 'in shower' is nothing new, places like lush have been at this game for years but although the lush ones are great they can be expensive.

I got this GIANT bottle on offer at ASDA for the bargain price of £2.50. They also had a version for those with a drier skin but they only had that in the smaller bottle for the same price which seemed odd.

I've only used this once so far so this is by no means a comprehensive review but I shall continue using it and update if and when I create a fuller opinion.

So down to the nitty gritty.

Smell: it smells quite fresh,  if your familiar with Nivea moisturiser it's smells quite like that. I find it quite soothing.

Application: The idea is you step away from the shower, smooth it on, give it a minute and rinse it off. This turned out to be slightly easier said than done. As I mentioned the bottle is HUGE which is great because you get loads of product but also not so great when you realise that you only have small hands, that are all ready wet and now covered in moisturiser. I just couldn't get the thing to stop sliding out my hand and onto the floor! In hindsight the smaller bottle may have been easier to deal with. This isn't necessarily a problem for everyone but may be something to consider.

After effects: my skin is certainly softer than if I skipped moisturizing all together but I'm not sure I'm quite moisturised enough.  But I think oddly that might work out for what I'm planning (be sure to follow to find out what I mean)

Overall: I like the idea of this product and I think it could be great. I'll continue using this and see what the longer term effect is but I'm thinking I'll probably keep this at my folks for when I visit and I'll maybe get the smaller bottle for drier skin to see if that works out better.

Have you tried this yet?
Leave your thoughts in the comments below,x

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