Things may have been quite on the old blog front recently but so much has been going on its all been a bit of a blur.

After the highs of the wedding came some real lows for a few of my friends, its so heartbreaking to see people you care about going through tough times :-( All you can do is be there for them when they need you. So that's where I've been. I'm on holiday from work just now which has come along at exactly the right time.

Part of my mission of bringing a little light back to the world came in the form of going shopping, who doesn't love shopping? After the usual toddle around Boots, Superdrug (yes there will be a haul!) and numerous clothes shops we headed to the Lego store. It may sound a bit of a random choice but its amazing how much being confronted with those little bits of plastic can transport a fully grown woman back to being an excitable 3 year old!

My main reason for going was that I'd heard that you can make a miniature you in Lego. Its awesome.

My friend and I made ourselves and one of our other friends who we meeting up with later that day. The girly face/clothes options weren't very good but we made the best of it, so mine looks slightly deranged but I suppose that maybe makes it more believable...

Now the above photo pretty much sums up what happened for the rest of that day, beers, best mates, mobile phones and a whole heap of silliness. It all sounded like such a good idea at the time... 

As I've been helping my friends out with there troubles recently they decided to pay back by 'helping' me out with a guy I like, facebook messenger is a dangerous place and I should know better than to leave my phone laying about unsupervised... Cant quite bring myself to read the entire conversation back but since it started with talk of a snorkel i don't think I can ever look this guy in the face again....but hey, at least he knows I like him! (I'll be expecting the restraining order any day now)

What have you guys been up to recently??

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