Colours of The Rainbow Tag - Nail Polish Edition

Hppy June everybody!! Here's where summer finally kicks off......hopefully!!

I've seen The Rainbow Tag bobbing around You Tube for a while now and thought it'd be interesting to do a version mentioning my favourite polish in each category.

This is going to be quite picture heavy so sit back, relax, and wait for that page to load.....

First up is RED:

My all time, cant beat it, actually almost cried when i realised it had fell over and leaked on my desk my desk as it was limited edition, shade of this particular colour is China Glaze Ruby Deer.

It is the colour of fresh blood (i'm not a vampire honest!) and it walks that fine line of being a creme-ish jelly consistency that is bright enough for people to comment on the colour but not so in your face that you look like an 80s receptionist. I LOVE it.

Next we have YELLOW:

The thing i have about yellow is that they look great in the bottle but just not so great with my pale pale skin. I only have a couple of yellows because of this but out of them i'd say my favourite is Rimmel Lemon Drop.

Its a lovely baby yellow, and it would look adorable on the right person but essentially i bought it because it scented. And I'm a sucker for a gimmick ;-)

Sticking on the brighter side of the rainbow we have ORANGE:

Step forward Models Own Beach Party. So bright i think it made my camera cry a little...

Its a GORGEOUS neon orange, guaranteed to brighten anyones day and it instantly makes me want to go on holiday. Yes really!

On to GREEN:

I've never been much of a lover of the colour green, but lately I've found that changing and i think it all started when i bought a bottle of Essie Mint Candy Apple.

The perennial beauty blogger favourite. Its pastel enough to make the green not scary to me, and its been a bit of a gateway 'green' i now have a bit of an obsession with the colour mint and it was only the other day i was sat on a lime green sofa wondering if i could make it work with the colour scheme in my living room....

And then there was INDIGO:

There really could only be one choice for me when it came to this colour, Barry M Indigo.

For some reason my camera had a bit of a freak out when it came to picturing this own but it really is the epitome of Indigo. I haven't worn this in the longest time and i'm so glad that this tag has reminded me of its existence <3

We're over half way now stick with me!


This is where i put my had up and say I'm confused about the colour violet, is it just purple?....
Any who after a good long think i settled on OPI A Grape Fit.

The perfect purple creme. It really is what i like to call a 'Proper' nail polish colour. Goes with just about any skin tone, is easy to apply and is universally pleasant to look at. Whats not to love?

Next is BLUE:

I had initially wanted to pick some kind of bright blue for this, but when i saw this i knew it needed a mention. Angelica Skylar.

I know, I know, again with the pastel shade but look how pretty it is!! It was a total bargain from a stnad in primark and i didn't give it much hope but it applied perfectly and looked lovely and the blue isn't  cornflowery like a lot of pale blues seem to be.

Back to something bright with PINK:

Shocking by name. Shocking by nature. I wouldn't go as far to say it was neon by goodness it is bright. Its not the sort of colou i would once have ever dreamed of owning never mind actually liking but it has a cheery quality that i like, another of those colours that makes me want to board a plane to somewhere sunny!

And last but not least MULTICOLOURE

When it comes to my best multi coloured effort nothing can really beat Gosh Holographic Hero.

It just catches the light and makes rainbows all of its own. So pretty, I really must look out for some more Holo shades.

If yuo've got this far do leave a comment below letting me know what colours you'd pick for your rainbow and while your here why not join in the cottonbuddle madness, there loads of ways to over there in the side bar ---->

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