My Best Friends Wedding

About a year and a half ago, my mate and i were sat in the pub having a quick after work drink.

Because of that quick drink, yesterday my mate married the love of her life!

Now this isn't a 'there eyes met across a crowded bar' senario. Their eyes actually had met over a crowded bus years before....

What happened at that drink that night was far more mundane..we were chatting about christmas lists.

Ok so your now probably wondering how that culminated in a wedding....

Every year my family and I write crazy lists for Santa with the understanding we wont get everything on the list but we will all end up with something we want but it'll still be a surprise to see whats actually there on Christmas morning. The idea is you put EVERYTHING you want on the list (you never know if you might be a Christmas lotto winner!) So we list houses, cars, holidays, and the more normal things like jigsaw puzzles, socks, novelty jumpers and everything else in between. It really works well.

My mate let on that her man had asked for a list of things she wanted for Christmas so i told her what we do, and after a bit of persuasion she decided to do it, with a big diamond ring right at the top. She also asked for a puppy, a house with a garden, and a nice giant hamper of Elemis stuff. She was nervous about giving him it.

She need not have worried.....he got her the skin care.

But, little known to me it had started a little thought floating around her head....

<<Fast forward a couple of months>>

Again me and my mate were sitting in the same bar having a quick after work drink when she suddenly worked out it was a leap year and so the beginnings of a plan were put in place. It was all a bit of a lovely half joke at first with her adamant that she would chicken out, but we began randomly googling wedding venues. A pocket watch was bought as 'the engagement ring' for the proposal but still it was touch and go. Even the night before, when i was painting her nails (while we were googling possible rings for her) she was still worried that he'd be horrified or she wouldn't find the words.

Needless to say she did, and he even immediately dropped to the floor and proposed back at her the instant he realized what was happening. Not bad for the non-marrying kind of chap he was.

There's something so special about seeing your best mates face light up as she walks down the aisle.

I was privileged to be a bridesmaid for her yesterday.

It was a beautiful day (even if it rained constantly) and they made a gorgeous couple.

I even got the blame of causing the whole day to happen from the Groom in his speech as apparently my dear friend had told him the whole Christmas list idea that had started her thinking.

If you have read some of my previous posts your probably familiar with my love for the whole 'you don't ask, you don't get' ethos. I can think of no better example of how simply asking for what you want (or encouraging someone to do so) can make dreams come true.

So, my dears, what are you putting of asking for?
How many dreams are you letting pass you by?
Let get asking today so we can live our dreams tomorrow,x


  1. Wow what a lovely story! :)
    Alice x

  2. Loved reading this hope they are very happy

    New follower here

    Carrieanne x

  3. Your friend looks stunning! Congrats to her!

  4. Love it ! What a great story and how beautiful do you both look ?!