Friday Favourite #8 : Soap and Glory Sugar Crush

Todays favourite was entirely caused buy my propensity to read blogs.

Numerous people had mentioned in passing that the scent of this line of products was incredible. I never really took any notice. Until one day when i was casually wandering through Boots (as you do) and spotted there was a 3 for 2 on just as i was looking for a new shower gel. 

I actually picked up the body buttercream first as I wanted to smell the stuff before i committed to anything. one lung full of the gorgeousness that was contained in the tub and i was hooked. I got the shower gel and 2 of the body buttercreams.

Out of the citrus family lime is definitely my favourite, and when it comes to comforting smells cake batter is one that makes me happy. Thankfully this smells EXACTLY like lime cake batter!! Honestly if they were to make this into a fragrance i'd spray it on everything I own. (Dear soap and glory, If your reading this please please please bring out at least a body mist in this!!!)

But the thing about this stuff is that it more than just a pretty scent. The body wash lathers nicely and isnt drying and the body butter is ridiculously moisturizing, come to think of it this might be the reason I felt slightly un-moisturized by the Nivea body conditioner.......

Anyhoo have you smelt the wondorousness that is the sugar crush line yet?

Let me know in the comments below,x

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  1. Just discovered your blog and it seems great! :) xx
    I am now your newest follower.