A little catch up...

Hey, how are you?!

First off i'd like to thank all you you that left me a comment or sent me a tweet about my last post.

The night out didn't really go as planned but i ended up having an absolutely awesome night with my friends so all was not lost. We had a few (too many) drinks and at the end of the night there was a pair of ear muffs, no one can quite remember where we picked them up from (i have a horrible feeling they were abandoned on the the street, ewww!) but we all had a shot at wearing them, which amused us immensely.

Sorry for the blurfest but, as i said, we'd had a drink or 7.

Blogmas obviously fell by the way side slightly but due to a bit of a hiccup at work and trying to fit in a teeny bit of Christmas pub going fun i ended up with no time. I did do a festive mani that i had meant to blog about so here's a wee pic here....

New Year was an interesting one, I headed to a local pub/club with one of my mates. There were drinks, there was dancing but thankfully because we'd stayed local there wasn't a 4 hour wait for a taxi home :-)

Did you make any new years resolutions? Are you managing to stick to them?

The only thing i resolved to do this year was pay off my credit cards, its not got off to a great start with me booking a holiday for later this year but i haven't left the country in literally years so i could really go some snoozing on a sun lounger on a beach. We're heading for Bulgaria (does that make anyone else instantly think of the wombles? showing my age a bit there). We're going to be staying at Helena Park in Sunny Beach...

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I've never been before but the hotel has good reviews, its all inclusive and i'll be there for my birthday so i'm super excited. Absolutely cant wait to do a 'holiday haul', i have a bit of an obsession with those miniature toiletries......

Have you ever been to Bulgaria? Do you have any tips for places to go/things to do?

I'll hopefully have a new review up on sunday, i picked up some MUA fur effects recently so i'm keen to have a go.

Is there any other new products you think i should check out? Leave a comment below or send me a tweet(link in the sidebar) and i'll check them out.

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