So I went shopping....

The good thing about having a job in sales, especially where i work, is that although there can be some really stressful times there can also be great rewards. As was shown by my lack of blogging in December, work was a busy busy time for me and after a long long looooong January i finally have my reward.

Hello bumper pay cheque!

So i did the usual and paid some bills, got myself some food blah blah blah...

I went shopping for some good stuff :-)

First off i took my monthly stroll around the wonderous haven that is Boots.....

I picked up:
Barry M Gelly Nail Paint in Prickly Pear- You can never have to much pale purple polish!
17 Supreme Shine Polish in Wave- I have a thing about blueish-green just now.
Then there was a Rimmel 3for2, it would've been rude to not partake.
Rimmel Lash Accelerator Endless Mascara- word to the wise the brown and the black versions of this have exactly the same packaging, it was the girl at the till that saved me from buying the wrong one!
Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl- I've heard good things about this.
And last but not least Rimmel Apocalips in Galaxy- Well I had to jump on that bandwagon eventually!

Then was my wander around Debenhams.

I had to go here to pick up the prize for the giveaway but got myself a couple of treats as well...

Diesel Fuel for Life Unlimited- Smells so so good
Urban Decay Ammo Palette- It was on a blinder of a deal for 13 quid, i couldn't really say no!

I got this super cute ring in Accessorize for £8 i <3 it...

Im supposed to be on a bit of  clothes buying ban until i complete my self imposed 'Project Bikini' target but Primark have brought out thier version of the much fabled Disco Pants, I tried them on for a laugh, but ended up having to buy a pair.

Now I'm not 18 and i'm not size 8 but i did manage to wear them to the pub last night without dying of embarrassment  i might even do an ootd with them..
And the grey jersey top is for TKMaxx from a company called Zenada Outfitters, whenever i see something from this brand i buy it, the quality is just incredible, so soft, so comfortable and there must be something in the way its cut because everything buy them is so very flattering.

Last but not least the blue dotted bag, i bought from Primark mainly because it was majorly snowing when i was out and paper bags do not fair well in snow, but i thought it'd make a cute beach bag for my holibags :-)

Hows your weekend going, grab any bargains?

Be sure to let me know in the comments below,x


  1. I've been looking for ages to find the disco pants dupe by primark but having no luck!
    So jealous you bought an apocalips lippy! :( xx

  2. The disco pants seemed to be insanely popular when i was in, literaly every girl in the queue seemed be be holding a pair!