Birchbox Uk January 2013

I'm sure by now everyone and their granny has seen a post (or 70) about the January Birchbox, the first one under the Birchbox branding to be released in the UK.I'd been tempted by Joliebox a couple of times but when it changed to Birchbox i thought i'd give it a punt.

I'll not bore you with the ins and outs of the whole Joliebox/Birchbox thing :-) But to keep things interesting I've held off from doing this post until I've actually used the products so its less 'this is what i got' and more 'this is what i thought' (let me know if you like this idea in the comments!)

I have previously subscribed to Glossybox which, in my opinion, started great and went downhill rapidly, and i unsubscribed after a few months. I then signed up for the box, i absolutely LOVED every one of those boxes and i was really disappointed when they scrapped the beauty box idea and i haven't ventured back into the subscription box world since.

Until now....

Here is what my box looked like:

Onto the reviews (from left to right):

Reverence de Bastien Unguent for nails and cuticles: this stuff smells AMAZING like berry flavoured sweets. I've only used it the once but it did the job well, and it certainly smells much nicer than what i'd usually use.

Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment in Rose: This was actually the first thing i spied when i opened the box. I've been wanting to try this for ages so i immediately had a shot. Its nice, i'm not sure what i was expecting but it makes my lips soft so that's good. I do find the lemony scent a little off putting though, to me its a little reminiscent of Lemsip, I've now got this in my bag as i will use it up but i probably wont be forking out for a full size, so if nothing else this box has let me try something i thought i wanted but now i know i can do without :-)

Teapigs Chamomile Flowers tea:  I adore Herbal tea so this was right up my street although i can see why it wouldn't be everyones cup of tea (see what i did there). I'm actually drinking this as i type, its nice, the bag is quite different, less bag of dust more bag of dried flowers. It certainly looked pretty floating around.

Wei Royal Ming firming and hydrating cream: This sample was positively teeny tiny, but since everything else was a decent size i'll overlook that. I'm actually glad it was small because i really didn't like this. After i got over the hilarious name (Ming means something nasty where i'm from) I found it was thick, kind of sticky and took forever to sink into my skin and even then my skin didn't look or feel any better than usual. I'll be giving this a miss.

And last but certainly not least..

KMS Add Volume spray: When i read on the card that this had a eucalyptus scent i was a bit concerned as i'm not usually big on that but when you spray it its not overpowering and it doesn't stick around in my hair. This did give a nice amount of volume to my flat hair and it made my hair extra shiny so happy days all round.

All in all i'm really happy with this box, i didn't love everything but they were all things i was more than happy to try. And the products we're all of a good enough size to actually try more than once, well except the tea obviously!

So how have you found your box?
If you've not subscribed are you tempted?

If your interested i have a refer a friend link:
I feel i should point out i'm not affiliated with birch box in any way,x

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