The soon to be giveaway....

Hello my lovelies!

I'm in a really very jolly mood today :-)

I have an entire week off work so i'm going to spend it doing all the things i love sleeping, eating, spending time with friends and once payday hits SHOPPING!!

Now over the past few months I've grown quite attached to my little blog here and I've even managed to get a few of you to join in.

I'd like to thank those that have clicked the button to keep up to date with my crazy going ons, so to combine the shopping i'm doing this week i'm planing on picking up a little follower giveaway present, an Urban Decay Naked Basics palette to be precise.

There will be a post letting you know when this giveaway gets going so i suggest you click on the GFC button over there -------> so you can make sure to get your entry in.

The giveaway will begin once i hit 50 friends on GFC so make sure you let others know by sharing this post on twitter, google+ etc as the quicker we get to that point the quicker someone will win!!

And on a completely unrelated point.....

Should i reinstate my crazy short fringe?

I know it looks a bit 'out there' but i'm dying for a hair cut! (sorry for the awful quality of the photo, old skool camera phones and dingey clubs don't mix well!)


  1. Hey follower from the #bbloggers blog hop

  2. I hope the giveaway is open to international