Adventures in Green....

One of the things I think most people want to do in the new year is eat a little better. I, for one, am very much part of the band wagon on that.

It dawned on me some time ago that I don't really eat much in the way of fruit and vegetables. So i've been trying to think of ways to work a few things in. It started with me grabbing the odd banana and maybe an apple for breakfast, but it was all quite boring and I still wasn't getting much in the way of vegetables.

I signed up for the free emails that Karena and Katrina are doing on the Tone It Up website. And as part of that there were a few recipes in the welcome dowload. One of which was for a smoothie and I thought I would give it a whirl!

My version is slightly amended from there version but basically i threw a peeled orange, a peeled banana, a handfull of spinach and a handfull of kale into my blender with some almond milk and let it blend until it was smooth.

The actual recipe also suggests adding some of the Perfect Fit protein that the girls developed but since I'm in the UK thats not very easy to get ahold of (unless one of you can tell me where?) 

The result was a thick and creamy bright green drink......

I had to say when I sat down I wasn't exactly relishing the idea of drinking it but OH MY DAYS it was tasty!!! I couldn't taste the green stuff and it was nice and fruity.

I think next time I might try freezing the banana as it wasn't as cool as i'd like and maybe adding slightly more greens and almond milk but i'm totally sold on the idea of getting a fruit and veg hit like this!

I really wish I could afford to join the full Tone It Up programme and get all their recipes!

While i'm saving for that does anyone have any suggesting on what else goes well in a green smoothie?

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