Revlon: Facets of Fushia

It took 3 trips to 3 separate Boots stores and 1 awkward conversation with my boss but I got it!

Revlon Facets Of Fuchsia

I've been eyeing this baby on other sites for a while now and quickly became somewhat obsessed.
Out of the many, and I mean MANY polishes I have I've never once actually purchased a Revlon one. I have no idea why, I guess it's just one of those things!
Anyhoo, the kindly folk at boots had sent me some advantage card vouchers one of which was a £3 off Revlon...SCORE! It was like a sign from a higher power ;-)
So I made it my mission to find this precious polish. I should explain that the reason I flipped quite so badly for this one is that my favourite colour is Fuchsia (I have on several occasions turned my hair this colour, but thats another story entirely). My favourite non-colour is black, and well I believe that glitter is what powers the universe -:)
I traveled far and wide and even boarded a BUS,which round my way is basically the bravest thing you can do. But in the end it took and awkward conversation with the boss to explain why I had requested to go home early that got me it.
Imagine the scene: it was cold, it was raining, in the distance there are the bright lights of the last boots in town, the young adventurer (who'd manage to leave her brolly at home) was soaked but battled on. Finally she reached the sacred place. The doors were closing, but she managed to squeeze in just in time.
The search began.
The was a special stand with the new collection, but no precious, the fear set in.
To the main display! The tannoy is politely is telling everyone to leave...
She turns the corner, there's an empty display :-( she looks at the rest of the polish crestfallen.
Surely my eyes deceive!...
Behind a regular bottle she sees a twinkle....its been found...the quest is complete!
Melodramatic,yes. But sometimes the occasion calls for it don't you think?

Until next time.

The picture is two coats of Facets of Fuchsia with seche vote topcoat. This us really one you need to experience in real life. It's SO beautiful.



This is a photo of some random condensation rings.
Hey, we were in the pub and it was funny at the time :-)
I think it looks like a cute pirate.

What do you think?



OPI: Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous

I was rummaging through my collection the other day and came across a polish I haven't actually used yet. Oh the shame!
Obviously I had to remedy this as soon as possible.
Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous by opi.
It looked so pretty in the bottle. Dark graphite grey sparkling silver. With the prettiest slight almost multicolour micro shimmer. This multicolour aspect sadly didn't translate to well to the nail but is just about detectable if you hold it up to the light.
I believe this colour was from the Swiss collection from 2010 however since it was in the regular display at my Sallys I presume it's still widely available.