17: Magenetized Nail Polish

Today I got my first magnetic nail polish.

I've been lusting after the CND and nails inc versions but they are a little in the pricey side for me.
So cue my squeal of delight (yes, I squealed) as I strolled into boots and saw a cheapo 17 version.
I promptly paid my 5.99 and skipped home smug as can be :-)

So I settled down and got going.

This stuff is seriously awkward.

I kept holding the magnet to far away or keeping it close but the polish lifting up to attach itself to the magnet.

I have to say that I wasnt overly keen on the wavy design of the magnet but the finished effect kind of reminds me of the marbles I used to play with as a kid so I'll live.

Anyway the picture is a third attempt on my 'good' hand.

P.s in my Boots these weren't at the 17 display but on a stand of their own at the front of the store. From what I could see there were also green, red and silver shades.


Pink Wednesday

Thought i'd join in with the whole pink wednesdays thing.

I wish i could tell you more about this colour but it was an unlabelled bottle of opi i got in a swap from Makeup Alley. So if anyone has any ideas of what it might be please let me know because its a nice shade and i'm nearly out :-(

Anyway i must run,



The morning after the night before,

This picture is just one of those things that make me happy.

I'd come stumbling out my house a little, er, 'worse for wear' one morning running late for my bus but the sheer randomness of this laying in the car park made my day/month/year.

I don't know what eventually happened to jolly man. But even now the idea of the presumably drunken thought process behind it makes me smile :-)

Anyone else had an encounter with the bizarre on your doorstep?




Lady and the Tramp

So post number 2, that sounds wrong somehow...

Anywho this is a rather inexpertly (hey, I'm new!) taken picture of some ridiculously trampy nail wraps i picked up at Sallys a while back.

They're the most lovely combination of shiny gold foil and leopard print, i mean whats not to love?!!

Now they may have took me an eternity to put on and they started peeling after a day but that day was the most glorious day of my nail life so far. It was worth it for the totally confused looks on my friends faces.

I'm sure applied by the proper hands these would've looked pristine for ages, and I'll be going on that minx course as soon as my training allows, but for the odd occasion where i have the time and patience these will definitely be making a return.

Am i alone in the love of these?



*takes a deep breath*...

Hello everyone.

My name is cottonbuddle...and i am a nail polish-aholic.

I'm here to share the polish love.
Might through in the odd other current loves post to if your lucky ;-)

First posts are always a bit lame so i'll sign off for just now.

But in the immortal words of the terminator
(you know i've never actually seen that film but i do know a sarah connor)

I'll be back!