Topshop Nails: Gypsy Night

Hello my dears, its way past my bed time but i thought id pop on to do a quick post about a new find.

Now I'm last to the party on this (but hey that's nothing new) but I've just discovered Topshop Nails range.

Yes i know they've been out forever but i always just assumed that, well, they'd be a bit rubbish.

How wrong i was...

Now this is only my first go with the first polish i got from them but i am tres impressed.

Nice formula, easy to work with, unusual colour, what more could a girl ask for?

Here is the pictures id have taken more but my battery died!

I give you Gypsy Night..

Such a pretty black with tiny golden micro shimmer and small multicoloured glitter giving a perfect galaxy effect. As i said so so pretty.

Gypsy Night costs £6 and is available here or at most Topshop stores.

I'm keen on getting more from this range so any suggestions would be most welcome!