Merry Blogmas!

Now first off is Blogmas one S or two?

Answers on a postcard.

I won't make promises on this as I work in retail and have been known to come in from work and immediately hide under my duvet (while still wearing my coat) due to the utter craziness that is work. But I feel I have been quite rubbish of late on the old blog front so I'd like to get a little more back on track.


I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with Christmas.

I love all the obvious fun stuff like parties, Starbucks red cups, giving people I love presents and eating so much I might explode.


But I do have a couple of things that I'm really not so keen on like being so skint from buying presents that I'm drinking tap water at the work Christmas party, waiting on the bus in a complete blizzard and the inevitable awkward trip to see some relatives you only ever see once a year.


And don't even start me on having to perpetually answer the age old question "so have you found yourself a nice young man yet?" (which reminds me I really should pick up some mistletoe.....)

But most of the time I'll be that annoying one running around singing along to Mariah Carey and making everyone eat mince pies.


Are you a holiday lover or are you a bit of a Scrooge?


On a completely unrelated note does anyone else find Brad Pitt totally cringe-worthy in that Chanel advert?



  1. I like Christmas, more so now because I live further away from friends and family so I see the Christmas period as a chance to catch up with folk, and also as a chance to relax since I work constantly.

    What I don't like are people who buy into the corporate hype, I.e. people who think the Coca cola ad dictates when Christmas season begins, people who put their trees and decorations up mid November, and people who think queuing up at 4am for the Next sale is acceptable way to spend boxing day.

    People seem to forget that Christmas is a holiday, not an excuse to panic buy twiglets and stress out over stupid things.

    That's my thoughts anyway! xo

  2. I'll never understand the boxing day shopping thing. I do my best to avoid working it whenever possible. It's like people lose there minds because they've saved 40p on something they'll probably never use/wear.