A cozy night in (with bargain pizza)

It's December I've done the vast majority of my Christmas shopping and its cold outside.

Essentially I'm skint and with the exception of my 241 trip to the cinema last night I'm allowed 2 nights out this month, my work night out and my friends birthday.

So what's my plan for the rest of the time?

Thankfully my friends have cozy houses and well stocked fridges ;-)

Tonight though I'm looking forward to a well deserved day off tomorrow and I'm getting cozy watching The Santa Clause (again!)

Since tonight is technically my Friday night I thought I'd have some pizza. Yeah, this fat girl won't be slim anytime soon...

But my current cash flow status won't stretch to a dominos,even with the 50% off that the repeatedly told me about today.

Happily though I've discovered the hidden gem that is Morrisons frozen pizzas.

For the princely sum of £1 they do amazingly good perfectly sized pizzas.

The first one I got was a couple of weeks ago, Chicken Fajita. I didn't hold out much hope but it was great, actually had a decent amount of topping and easily surpassed that well known pizza chain in terms of flavour.

So tonight I opted for garlic chicken and it was equally as good.

I mean, it won't win a beauty contest, but it was delicious and cheap. And right now that's what I'm looking for.


Now if they could just work on the whole making them zero calorie........ I digress.....

What's your favourite 'oh dear I'm skint but I'm starving' food?





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