The most wonderful time of the year...

Oh how i love Autumn....

Let me count the ways....

1. Super cosy socks

I got these lovelies from trusty old Primark (2 pairs for £2!). They are ridiculously soft and soooo cosy. I hate waring shoes in the flat but when the weather turns the wooden floors really are to chilly to go without so cosy socks are lovely. The best thing about cosy socks is when you get in from a really cold walk, perhaps you've stepped in a puddle, and you get home and put on your fluffy socks.

Have I over thought this? Probably.

P.S Also extremely good for sliding on the floor pretending your a ninja :-)

2. Tea

Now I'm a consummate coffee drinker, I mean, seriously, I should just organise some kind of IV delivery system, but come Autumn I'm a cosy evening cuppa tea drinker.
My favourite is honey, chamomile and vanilla from Twinings.

(The Skeleton ginger bread man was from Sainsburys and was incredibly good)

The herbal stuff isn't everyones cup of tea (boom boom) but this is soothing and sweet enough to drink without adding 10 tonnes of sugar. Perfect for when the nights are drawing in. 

3. Autumn Scents

This is the time of year i go crazy for home fragrance.
And i know its not just me that this happens to.
I'm pretty sure the wee lady over at the Yankee candle kiosk is paid year round from the profits between now and Christmas.

I picked up these wax tarts (they have a special burner thing which they melt in). I melted another sugared apple tart i had last night, i had my cosy socks on and a cup of tea. It was raining outside but I was in cosy heaven watching QI :-)

For when these aren't burning I picked up a lovely hand wash from bath and bodyshop.

It smells incredible, sweet and warm. If, like me, cinnamon gives you a sore head this is your perfect autumn scent.

I'm always devastated that we don't have easy access to Bath and Body works stuff here, but the little range on that site soothes me slightly. I just wish they didn't run out of stock on everything I want so quickly.

What do you love about Autumn?
Do you Americans find it amusing that we call it Autumn?
Or are you just blocking the whole thing out waiting for summer again?
Let me know in a comment below or Tweet me

I have a feeling that there may be more to add to my list of autumn loves.
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