Essie: Bikini so Teeny

So we've all seen this one a thousand times 'Bikini so Teeny'

Now I'll be honest i think i may have become a victim of hype on this one. I was in Boots, they only had 1 left, EVERYBODY and their granny loves it so obviously i had to buy it!

I'll not bore you with yet another same old in depth description..........

Its cornflower blue with sparkles

Now don't get me wrong here i think this colour is as pretty as everyone says it it is but my gripe with it is that as soon as you go near it with top coat it changes shade!

Without topcoat                                                                                           With topcoat            
 I don't know if its just me this is happened to because i haven't seen anyone else mention it but it does slightly ruin the polish for me. There's nothing wrong with the colour it goes with top coat but its just not quite as pretty as the one without. It also gives a kind of weird soft focus colour blurring effect to the nails. (As you can see on the tip of the ring finger below)

 Now i originally tried it with Seche Vite so i thought it was maybe the topcoat at fault.
So I tried it with Sally Hansen Insta-Dry, same issue.

I then had the bright idea that maybe it had something to do with the fast drying aspect of these so i broke out my OPI regular old Top Coat and it STILL changed colour.

Now I know what your thinking, go without topcoat! I tried that, i have a very hands on job (ooo-err!) and it just didn't last 5 mins without chipping.

Can anyone give me some suggestions on how to overcome this?
Have i maybe got some kind of weird duff bottle?
Or has everyone else found it does this and just not mentioned?

In other news:

I'm back at work after a couple of weeks off. It's so confusing, almost feel like the new girl again.
Also it means I've been having to get up at what i would call the middle of the night. Thank the big man for coffee and Red bull!

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