Ahh it feels good to be in front of the screen again.

Its been a while.

This desk is where my witterings about my life will now come from. I instagramed (link in the side bar) a pic of this a while ago now. Then my laptop broke. I've got it going again but its still quite ropey.

I'll address the elephant in the room first off..... as you can see my polish collection is looking healthy, some people would call it an obsession but everyone deserves their own little indulgence. Im going to endevour to put some posts up with swatches of my favourites. And yes, i had an awesome time organising them all.

I've been inspired recently to have my own little slice of the internet (as Louise would say) so im hoping that posts will be a bit more often and a bit more varied, it'll be fun to look back in a few years and see all the random bits of my life.

Life has been a bit changeable recently, as i suppose it should be :-)

I had a milestone took a while for me to get to grips with that.

I had an awesome party, I drank a little too much (hic!)

We ate an aweful lot of Costco cake, we named him George.

My lovely friend Kerry made some gluten free cupcakes to match the dinosaur theme (i especially like the nessie three cake series. One cake was the head one was the body and one the tail, bottom right on the stand, too cute!)

Work is a bit pants (read: complete nightmare) at the moment but that is really nearly on the verge of changing so im extremely excited about that. Hopefully i'll have more news on that soon.

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If not, thanks for stopping by =0)



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