Primark Polish...

Now imagine the scene... i was having my usual payday stroll around Primark. I was quite happily wandering around picking up random things (lilac jeans anyone?) and merrily throwing them in the giant basket that always ends up dragging along the floor when all of a sudden my spidey senses were on edge, there was polish nearby, and i had to rescue it from the 7th circle of hell that is the Primark on Argyle street.

The idea of Primark stocking polish is not foreign to me. I have seen those little sets in the makeup bit but there was nothing there that excited me. This stand was new, in my local anyway, it was for the Angelica range.

Priced at £2.50 the stand had obviously seen quite a bit of action before i got there (9.30am!)
I picked up 2. I'd set out that morning thinking of picking up Maybelline 'ceramic blue' but then i set eyes on 'skylar' the absolute perfect pale blue.

I'd also had my eye on China Glaze 'Fairy Dust' so when i saw 'Magnetic' my wallet took a sigh of relief. Tiny glitters in a clear base, perfect.

the resulting love child of these 2 looks like this:

Pale colours can be quite streaky, but 'skylar' was perfectly opaque in 2 coats and 'magnetic' gave just the right amount of sparkle.

I have to say I'm really quite impressed with these so far, its only been 1 day but i have no chipping so far, which for polish this cheap and the treatment i give my nails is quite an accomplishment.
I have to say I'll definitely be back for more. There were some Neons there that were absolutely screaming SUMMER. Lets just hope mother nature obliges bonny Scotland with another heatwave this year.

Available at Primark in the UK and Penneys in Ireland

Have you tried anything from this range?
I'd love to see swatches of other colours!

In other news:

*I bought the mirrored fridge - and now I've stopped eating so much ice cream.

but luckily....

*It Jubilee weekend in the UK and I've had the weekend off to eat a bucket load of cake(handily not kept behind a full length mirror) and drank a gallon of tea :-)

*I may have purchased the Rebel polish from MAC...stay tuned!

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