Jubilee Party!


As i mentioned in my last post we've been celebrating the diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth.
Now i am of the Scottish variety of British and we're not quite as well renowned for jumping up and down and camping out all night for the chance of a glimpse of a corgi. But we do love a good party especially when it comes with an extra wee day off :-)

So my effort to join in included lots of tea and cake and a wee glass (or 3!) of Gin and Tonic as i watched the Jubilee Concert, which was lovely. The Set by Madness with the light show on the Palace was EPIC, go google immediately!

Obviously my nails had to join the fun:

Now i did contemplate doing a traditional Union Flag affair but after a couple of tipples it seemed a bit daunting so i went for a more contemporary approach.

These are the colours i used:

(L-R China Glaze-Ruby Pumps, Angelica-Magnetic, Barry M-Navy)

I personally think of the queen as some distant kind of distant old friend of the family that only pops up at Christmas and maybe the odd wedding or funeral. If the fact that she's been plodding along doing a job she didn't exactly sign up for for 60 years doesn't entitle her to a bunch of flowers and box of choccies i don't know what does.

Cheers for the day off Liz!!

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