17: Magenetized Nail Polish

Today I got my first magnetic nail polish.

I've been lusting after the CND and nails inc versions but they are a little in the pricey side for me.
So cue my squeal of delight (yes, I squealed) as I strolled into boots and saw a cheapo 17 version.
I promptly paid my 5.99 and skipped home smug as can be :-)

So I settled down and got going.

This stuff is seriously awkward.

I kept holding the magnet to far away or keeping it close but the polish lifting up to attach itself to the magnet.

I have to say that I wasnt overly keen on the wavy design of the magnet but the finished effect kind of reminds me of the marbles I used to play with as a kid so I'll live.

Anyway the picture is a third attempt on my 'good' hand.

P.s in my Boots these weren't at the 17 display but on a stand of their own at the front of the store. From what I could see there were also green, red and silver shades.

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