Lady and the Tramp

So post number 2, that sounds wrong somehow...

Anywho this is a rather inexpertly (hey, I'm new!) taken picture of some ridiculously trampy nail wraps i picked up at Sallys a while back.

They're the most lovely combination of shiny gold foil and leopard print, i mean whats not to love?!!

Now they may have took me an eternity to put on and they started peeling after a day but that day was the most glorious day of my nail life so far. It was worth it for the totally confused looks on my friends faces.

I'm sure applied by the proper hands these would've looked pristine for ages, and I'll be going on that minx course as soon as my training allows, but for the odd occasion where i have the time and patience these will definitely be making a return.

Am i alone in the love of these?



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