Fat Girl smoooooth!

Better late than never... its 4 weeks until i fly out to sunnier climbs!

So here is my update on my progress on project bikini.

This past week i was meant to be trying out Jillian Michaels 30 day shred and working through Paul McKennas' "i can make you thin"

I've had somewhat mixed success, I haven't really bothered much with I can make you thin. I just haven't had time. my plan had been to use it as bedtime reading and work in the hypnotherapy CD at that point as well. As with many best laid plans the real world got in the way. Work has been so stressful recently that i've been asleep the minute my head hits the pillow!

On the other hand i have managed to stick to the 30 day shred, which i am quite pleased about. I wish i had taken before pictures at the start as to my eye i can't see any difference, but i'm hoping its doing something. Its only been a week though so i'm hoping that it'll kick in soon. What i am finding difficult though is the fact that i don't seem to be getting any better at it, about half way through Jillian bangs on about how folk on day 5, 6, and 7 should be seeing a huge improvement from day one, i'm not one of those people, Level one is still killing me but i will persevere!

So my tasks for this week are less weight loss related and much more superficial (lol) If i cant be the most toned lean goddess on the beach i'm going to aim for the lovely curvy girl with skin as smooth as butter...

I'm putting myself on a strict programme of body brushing and moisturizing. Apparently the body brushing is going to be flushing toxins from my body to reduce the wibblyness of my cellulite (now there's an image for you!) and the moisturizing will give me a nice even glowing appearance to my, so pale i'm almost see through, skin.

You can follow my efforts on the 30 day shred on twitter (link in the side bar) and if you've got any words of encouragement/tips on staying motivated please leave a comment below or give me a wee tweet.

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