Haulage of ridiculous amounts of polish...

This post was entirely brought about by the stars aligning.

For the past 2 weeks I've had access to a car to head to out of town shopping centers (well tha'ts more a happy by product of having the car) then  I won a gift voucher at work and Sallys had a VAT free day and obviously Boots is having its glorious 3 for 2.

At this stage i would like to say that I realize I have issues, how many regular people NEED to by that my polishes in the space of 2 weeks? But hey-ho it happens!

On to what I got :-)

We'll start with the Polishes. Now I didn't get these all on one outing ( I don't know why people say that. It doesn't matter if it was the same day or not it doesn't really justify it, you still bought a crap tonne of stuff!) but there is a few to get through.

Left to Right (in all pics)

Models Own: Pink Punch and Toxic Apple- Neons just scream summer, I miss summer. I want them all from this collection!
Blueberry Muffin - supposed to be scented like muffins, Im not so sure, but definitely don't let people catch you sniffing your fingers, thats just odd!

China Glaze: Dandy Lyin' Around and Fancy Pants
These two are from the new Avant Garden Collection. so new that the girl was just putting the display out when i swooped both of these have a subtle shimmer. Pretty Pretty spring colours.

Sinful Colors: Kissy, Cinderella, and Pinky Glitter these are new in at Boots and a bargain at £1.99 each I've only ever tried 1 Sinful polish before but i was impressed.

Sally Hansen: Mermaids Tale - I've wanted this since one of the American YouTubers mentioned it (I think it was thebublegumprincess) and it is SO SO beautiful. Also it's apparently a dupe for Deborah Lippmans Across the Universe

Barry M: Lychee- This one was random, its been out of stock in every store i've been in so i picked it up because it must be something special, right?

Now we've made it through that little lot I also picked up...

One of the new shades in the Revlon Lip Butter Range, Juicy Watermelon. Another item that makes me want it to be summer right now! I've also spied Red Velvet in one of the branches near me, me wants!

And Last but certainly not least...

This cross body bag, i love it so much i want it in black as well its from Primark, its small but has plenty of room for all i carry and it cost only £2!!!!!

I may have to do an updated whats in my bag (be sure to subscribe!)

I'm so glad i won that voucher from work :-)

Have you hit the Boots 3 for 2?

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