A Sunday Stroll (well, ok, i went shopping!)

Some days you just need a simple trip up the shops with a good mate.

Today was that day.

If you follow me on TWITTER you'll know that i missed out on going to the opening of Farever 21 in Glasgow as my work decided to schedule a meeting for me on that day (which was also meant to be my day off!) So i had to bide my time until i could go.

If you follow me on INSTAGRAM you'll know today was that day.

Obviously I'm still on that whole not spending money unless its really really necessary kick. So i promise all these things were entirely necessary (cough cough)

My intention was to hit forever 21, renew my travel pass and go home , but my mate needed to find a dress and i felt the need to support her in this task, my debit card didn't thank me but i had a lovely day out.

Here are my purchases:

Forever 21:

First off i want to say i didn't expect this store to be quite as huge as it was! 3 floors of lovelyness, I'm a happy girl. I did my usual tactic of shopping somewhere new, grab a basket and pick up everything  i like, then see what i really want at the end. Considering the amount of stuff i had in my basket this little lot is surprisingly restrained....

The shirt (£8.90) is from the lingerie section but i'd quite happily wear it out as a top with some leggings. We decided i had to have this because at any given moment of the day or night I'm always likely to randomly state that I need coffee. I picked up the Makeup bag (£5.65) in the queue at the till. I have a lot of small makeup bags but i need a big one for toiletries for my holiday and its cute and polka dot what more could a a girl ask for?

The accessory section, now i had trouble in here, so many cute things and what seemed like a totally random pricing system made choosing stuff quite difficult. I thought i'd stick to a couple of basics to test out the quality.

Both the bracelet and the ring set were £4.90 a piece, which was not bad in terms of high street jewelry but some things were a fair bit more, as i say we'll see how these go before i up my budget.

After we left there i should've gone home. These next items I take no responsibility for buying ;-)

Paperchase: This is located right next door to Forever21 and i LOVE random cute stuff. I debated not going in. I knew deep down what would happen, I went anyway.

They had loads of cute postcards. my lovely friends forced me to put all but one back (i'm eternally grateful for this) and there were so many other things that i wanted, the cuddly cloud toy, the strawberry shaped tupperware, the cardboard box rocket ship playhouse (yes really!) but again i was good....

 I got this GIGANTIC cute mug, for the drinking of the coffee :-)

 And my one postcard was this one, Zebra with an ice cream cone, awesome.

As i don't go that far up town often i wandered into Urban outfitters, and was quite merrily trying on all the hipster sunglasses when i heard my name called from the other side of the store. Apparently my face when i turned around was priceless....

A jumper with a dinosaur on the front (£22), its incredibly soft, not at all itchy and I do love a good dinosaur. I know it may sound slightly weird but as far as i'm concerned you can keep your mustaches, dinosaurs are the most amazing things ever and should immediately be printed on everything!

On that note i shall toddle off, as after the shopping we went to the pub and had some wine, so i'm off to pretend i'm a dinosaur and Raaaaarrrr loudly at my goldfish,x

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  1. I want that jumper so badly!!

    That's all, carry on... :P

    Christina xo