On Pointe...

Hey, 2 posts in a week.

I'm suitably impressed with myself!

Anyway, i was inspired by this POST over at Lip So Facto.

I got my Mini OPI New York Ballet set about a week ago.The sheers were just to pretty to pass by and i love the little mini sets they give a great tester before committing to the larger bottles. And I'm the kind of weirdo that keeps them in there boxes so they look all pretty.

So the inspiration came from the idea of sandwiching a glitter as a layer between the coats of sheep colour. Now i don't have any glitters with overly chunky particles but the one that came in the mini set, charmingly named 'Pirouette My Whistle', seemed like it would fit the bill.

So this is two coats of the sheer white 'Dont Touch My Tutu' , a layer of the glitter, and then another coat of the sheer...

I find the overall effect quite pleasing :-) the larger sliver glitters become an opaque shining white and the tiny shimmer in the glitter is still visible adding some extra depth and dimension.

I have previously layered these 2 leaving the glitter as a top coat but only as an accent nail manicure as a full on glitter manicure is sadly not really grownup work place appropriate but this more muted effect will be joining me on the Monday morning commute.

Have you tried any thing from this collection?

The entire New York Ballet range is available HERE

In other news:

My nails are undergoing something of a test just now with some OPI Nail envy. So hopefully in a couple of weeks i will have lovely even strong nails.

If you've tried nail envy how did you get on?

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